Fitness in 500 words (or less…)

So, I’ll start with a confession…this isn’t my first attempt at a blog. It’s my 3rd. The first was a valiant attempt to track my progress in training and studying and it died a death through poor time management and lack of imagination. The second was a phoenix-like try to restart my blog after starting as a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active here in Edinburgh. Crash and burn. Again.

Third time lucky.

I had the idea of trying to keep my posts shorter (hence the 500 words or less bit!) and forcing me to make sure know the subject well enough to be able to simplify it and deliver to you the best  guidelines I can so you get the most out of your training and nutrition.

da vinci simple



I always figured that given the multiple options for training each movement or muscle group, and the many nutritional strategies, both good and bad out there, that sometimes the best option for most people in most situations that I deal with (general population and in a commercial gym) doesn’t need a complicated, micro managed system to follow. Some clear guidelines on training and nutrition based on sound principles and enough variation in training to keep it interesting and maintain steady progress is, in my opinion, the clearest, simplest way forward.


At its most basic, I believe in training for strength and good movement, and eating for fat loss and muscle gain. There’s no point in having a fancy training program, covering all the variables of sets, reps, tempo, loading, rest periods, in having the most progressive periodisation schemes and a nutritional plan where your macronutrients are planned to the tiniest detail if your lifestyle and out of the gym commitments stop you from actually following through with any of it.

A straightforward program, easy to follow eating guidelines and ample rest and recovery strategies make things a whole lot simpler and easy to follow. Easy to follow leads to easy to maintain which leads to creating good life long habits. This is the route to long lasting changes and a healthier, stronger, more bad ass you!

As I move forward with the blog I’d welcome any comments and questions that anyone reading this may have, you can reach me here via comments or on facebook or twitter and I’ll get back to you asap!

Stay strong


One thought on “Fitness in 500 words (or less…)

  1. Good to see the blog up and running again (no pun intended!). Keep it up, I look forward to reading more. My baby is five months old now and I’ve almost, almost regained pre-pregnancy weight. Need serious toning up though, so will be following for tips … you know, abs, triceps, just for a change! ; )

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