In the beginning…

Warm ups, the misrepresented little brother of the the workout. Viewed as not necessary or treadmill for 5 mins is fine, or worse, nothing at all…



5 mins on a piece of cardio equipment is fine if your work out is going to be on that piece of equipment  but your warm up should be representative of your training session, preparing your body for the demands it is about to have placed on it. Furthermore, if you have spent the day sitting on your ass then you definitely need to attack that issue before you train.

      “The warm up is the workout.” – Dan John.

I’m going to out line the basic warm up I have most of my clients do and some alternatives if you need to regress anything.


1. Foam roll – any and all your tight achy bits can be eased out with the foam roller, a tennis ball or a golf ball. Here is a great guide.

foam roll final

2. Kneeling hip flexor stretch – most people spend waaaay too much time sitting, the commute to and from work, work, sitting in front of the TV all have a shortening effect on the hip flexors, as well as a range of other detrimental factors on your health. Step one of the warmup is to start opening the hips again.

3. 1/2 open thoracic spine mobilisation – From your hip stretch, on your right side, move your left foot out to 90 deg and place your right hand down on the floor. Put your left hand behind your head and reach it back and “open” your chest up. Then rotate inwards to reach your elbow in towards your other elbow feeling for a stretch in your lat. Repeat. Don’t let your knee collapse in…

4. Bird dog – gets your core working a little and your glutes firing. Regression – slide the foot out and back along the floor.

5. Prone I,Y,T – Puts the shoulder and shoulder blade through a full range of motion. Focus on the squeeze on the way back in.

6. Push up to downward dog stretch – The push up is a fantastic exercise when done well, when it’s not it looks like your dry humping the floor. Tight midsection, elbows below the shoulder line, don’t face plant the floor… When you get back to the top of the push up, lift your butt into the air keeping your legs straight and aiming to look like this –


Return to the top of the push up position and repeat, gradually trying to work further into the stretch.

Regressions – pushup on your knees, maintain a straight line from knees, through your hips to your shoulder.

7. Glute stretch. This flows straight from the push up combo, bring your right knee up in between your hands whilst in the pushup position, your right foot should be outside your left hand, sit down onto your right hip and ease into the stretch, repeat on the other side.

glute stretch


8. Glute bridge  – Get your glute going a little more, keep you abs tight and lever up onto your shoulders, try not to roll your hips back and curl up in to the top position. squeeze your glutes hard at the top before lowering. Progression, single leg.

9. Squat – up on your feet, basic body weight squat – go! Initiate from your hips, sit back and down, chest up, squeeze your glutes at the top. Progression – squat to stand.

10. Cossack squat – My descriptive abilities failed me on this one.

I hadn’t considered the ankle mobility work possible in the video!

Total time should be around 8 minutes, including foam rolling. everyone has time for that…

Stay strong


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