4 simple changes to improve your health, fitness and body composition

This Thursday past I was lucky enough to get a trip to a special FitPro event put on for Virgin active Personal Trainers. An awesome opportunity to hear the top speakers of the weekend event presenting to us and to get a preview of the full event. Unfortunately I won’t be at the main event but I intend making sure I do next year!

My favourite speaker of the day was John Berardi of Precision Nutrtion, I intend doing the PN certification when it next rolls around in September so I was pretty excited to hear him talk.

Amongst other things, metabolic flexibility, what is the best diet, diet adherence (long story short – every diet works, adherence and metabolic flexibility being the key to success…more on that later in a separate post!)

Today I want to share what the guys at PN have found to be the most glaring deficiencies in the 30000+ clients they have coached.

The most common nutrient deficiencies that are seen are:

  • Water
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Protein
  • Omega 3 fats

Energy, appetite, strength and endurance, and mood all depend on getting enough of these essential nutrients.When you are deficient on any or all of them things start to break down and you feel crappy. Fixing these 4 areas will quickly have you feeling better, gaining mucsle and dropping body fat.

Your 4 steps are as follows:

1. eat more protein-rich foods to help support and grow lean body mass:

2. drink more liquids such as water, milk juices, teas etc as improved hydration improves performance and recovery;

3.take in more essential fats (through the use of fish oil); and

4. eat more foods rich in the vitamins and minerals needed most, or take a good multi vitamin.

In the case of number 4, I would always recommend that you get those vitamins and minerals from whole foods, but as your diet is likely deficient in these anyway, then a multivitamin takes out the guesswork and ensures you hit you targets!

Now trying all these things at once is a recipe for failure, studies have shown that trying to start or change 3 habits at once has a success rate of all 3 being successfully changed or started at around 10%, 2 habits 35% and if you do 1 habit at a time, your success rate is around 90%.

Pick  the one you can do the easiest and start there, after a week of success with that one add another, building your good habits slowly and ensuring success.

4 simple steps to better health, getting started is really that simple.


Stay healthy!


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