6 basic rules for fatloss

So you’ll notice I said fat loss, not weight loss. What’s the difference you ask??
Simply put, fat loss is reduction in weight through a loss of fat stores around the body and weight loss is a loss of weight from a mix of muscle and fat. Or, put another way, fat loss comes from good nutrition and training, weight loss comes from crash diets and long bouts of cardio.


I’ve put together what I think are the 6 rules to great fat loss results, giving you directions towards the results you are looking for and a way to maintain the body you earn.

1. Diet is key: At its most basic, fat is stored when your body receives more calories (from protein fat or carbs) than it needs. Losing fat, therefore, needs a calorie deficit. It doesn’t need to be massive but there has to be a consistent deficit there. Metabolic health plays a major part but I’ll cover that topic in more depth later. (Edit: you can read more here!)
Your deficit should be moderate to give enough energy to train and recover. You can calculate your calorie needs using this rough guide:
Calories: Target weight in pounds (kg x2.2) multiplied by 11 to 13
Protein: 1 gram of protein per weight in pounds
Fat: 20-30% of cals
Carbs: The remaining cals.

For example: 70kg target weight x 2.2 = 154lbs
Calories = 154 x13 = 2002kcals
Protein = 154g (616kcals)
Fat = 30% of total cals = 600kcals = 66g fat per day
Carbs = 786g carbs (196g per day)
This is your starting point. If it works for consistent fatloss then stick to it until results slow down, and they will. Then you cut a little more (around 10%) and continue.

2. Train smarter, not longer:  If your goal is fatloss you need to focus on big, full body movements such as deadlifts, squats, pull ups and farmer carries. These types of exercises challenge your whole body, multiple muscle groups are put under pressure and you are forced to work hard and burn cals. Isolation work is gonna burn time not fat.

3. Recover well: Training 7 times a week is not going to help you. Less is definitely more in this situation. Sleep, good food, supplements as needed and plenty of water. You need to train hard but the magic happens during recovery.

4. Lift heavy: More muscle burns more calories. Fat is metabolically inactive. It burns no calories, it just takes up space. Muscle on the other hand is metabolically active, it needs energy all the time, more muscle = more energy consumed. Lifting more weight means more muscle, it also takes more energy to do and creates a higher demand for energy during recovery. This video from Mike Nelson explains it brilliantly. Go watch…

Watch here —->   E.P.O.C.

5. Raise your intensity levels: You’re gonna need to work your ever shrinking ass off a bit, sweat and get your heart rate up a bit. Well, a lot. Get out of breath, push yourself, don’t leave the gym looking like you could go another hour.

6. Have fun! This is fun. It doesn’t always feel that way but it is. You are able to get in the gym, move, lift and challenge yourself. Enjoy it. Find exercise styles that you like. You like deadlifts and squats? great, get good at them, learn about them and push your limits. Like Kettlebells, learn from someone who knows kettlebells and get good at them. Like Zumba? oh well, no-ones perfect…

Stay strong


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