Calories in, but how many…?

Last post was on fatloss, and the 6 factors I feel are important when you are looking for fat loss as one of your training goals, you can read it here.


I thought I would break down each of those factors to give more details and info to help you get the most out of it all.

The first factor is diet. This is the most important factor in my opinion, you can train as hard as you want, but if you are eating poorly or eating too much, even of the right foods, you’re fat loss efforts will be thwarted.


out train a bad diet

So, when it comes to your nutrition there are a few factors to consider:

1. Body type.


Most of us are a mix of 2 types, rarely is anyone 100% one type or another, you just need to know what your main type is. Your carb and fat intake will be affected by this factor.

Ectomorphs tend to tolerate carbs pretty well and may find that the carb % is up as high as 50% while fat % may be as low as 20%.

Mesomorphs tend to convert excess cals into lean muscle mass pretty easily and carbs may be around 40% with a little higher fat intake.

Endomorphs tend to have a slower metabolic rate and will store excess cals as body fat and therefore need lower carb intake and slighty higher fat.

You will notice that protein levels don’t change much at all.


2. Metabolic health.

If you have a healthy metabolism then your body will have an ability to use whatever fuel you give it more efficiently and your reaction to excess carbs or fat will be less dramatic. If your metabolic health isn’t so good, you will react more strongly to excess cals and you will hit an excess calorie intake much quicker than normal.

If your base calorie intake is ideally 2000kcals a day and you consistently take in 1300, then over time your body will adapt and slow to expect and use just what it gets. Jumping straight back to 2000kcals would create an excess of cal leading to fat gain.

A slow increase of 1-200kcals per day, allowing approx 2 weeks to allow your body to adapt and have your metabolism gradually return to health.

3.  Working out your numbers.

A simple way to figure out what your intake should be is this:

Weight (or if you have more then around 15kgs to lose, your target weight) in lbs x 11 -13

Take your weight in pounds and multiply by 1.5 to get your protein intake in grams per day

Take 20 – 40 percent of your cals as fat, dividing by 9 to get grams of fat per day

The rest should be made up of carbs.

For example:

A 65kg ectomorph would have the following calculation:

65 x 2.2 = 143lbs

143 x 13 = 1859 kcals

Protein – 143×1.5 = 214g per day (856 cals from protein)

Fat – for an ectomorph, 20% of cals = 372cals from fat, divide by 9cals/ g = 41g per day

Carbs – 1859 – (856+372) = 631 cals from carbs or 157g carbs per day.

4. Eat as much of your food from whole sources, lean proteins, vegetables, some fruit, plenty of water. The less processed food you eat, the better.

Any questions, just ask here or on facebook and I’ll answer as quick as I can!


Stay strong



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