Train log week of 6th Oct

Thought I’d start logging my training and thoughts on it on here too 🙂

Monday 6/10/14

Squats warmup 5  x bar, 60,100
2×5@100 3 sec pause

Squats were feeling great this week, after last weeks struggles (finished on 2 sets of 4 at 145kg, it felt terrible) these were feeling strong.

RDL 3×8@140

Bodyweight circuit – 3 rounds
Single leg Squat to 40cm box x5/side
Standing long jump x15
Walking lunge x20/side

This was my colleague Shaynes idea…

Leg ext 65kg x10,9,8,7…3,2,1
Goblet Squat 22kg x1,2,3…7,8,9,10

Wed 8/10/14
Bench press warmup x8 @bar, 60

Felt ok through the first 3 sets, last 2 not so much…
Dips  3×15
Db press 3×20@20kg
Playing around with some higher rep stuff

Seated row 3×6@70kg
Double drop set 6@70,12@50,25@30kg

chest sup DB row 3×12-15 @30kg
Chest sup Rev fly 3×10@12

Core circuit  x2
Rev crunch x15
Leg lowers x10 slow
Dragon flag x5

Sat 11/10/14
warmup bar x12, 60×8, 100×6, 140×6, 180×5
2×5@200, 5@205, 5@210, 5@200
Felt good throughout these, slight increase on 5 sets of 5 at 200kg last week.
Bentover row 3×10 @60
First time on this in a while, felt solid throughout, weight can increase next time
Front squat 4×8@60 with pause at full depth
Feeling out my ROM on these, felt strong throughout
Seated row 3×7@70 – looking to build to 4×8 before increasing the load.
1 arm cable reverse fly, 3×15 @3.75
Capt chair leg raises 10, 9, 8, 7…3,2,1 starting the set at the top of the first minute, then resting till 30secs, then set 2 starts and rest till the top of the next minute.
This was good, challenging but effective!

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