Train log week of 20th Oct


Monday 20/10/14

Squats warmup 8  x bar, 60,100

Switch to 5×2 on squats felt good, strong last set!

Wide grip deadlift ( held on to the plates)  3×8@110

This forced me to get flatter but holding the plates meant i could stay neutral through my back

 Double KB racked squats 60 total reps with 2x16kg. Went light with these as its been a while. glad i did… 20 reps, 15, 15,10
100 total reps of reverse crunch, keeping it tight.

Thurs 23/10/14

Short on time today

Deadlift warmup 10x bar, 8x 60, 100, 5×140, 180

2@200, 205, 210, 215, 220,

Felt strong and since I was short on time I kept going…

2@227.5, 2 @230kg.

First time over 500lbs!!!

Increase of 5kg in about 6 weeks

Sat 25/10/14
Bench press – warmup 10x bar, 8×60
2 reps at 100, 105, 105, 110, 115
Then 1 decent rep at 120 and a second spotted rep. needed help on this one!
DB bench 4×10, 3s ecc @30kg
Pec flye 4×12, 3s ecc and con at 30kg
Incline DB bench 4×10 at 24kg
Kneeling hi-lo cable flyes 4×12 at 7.5kg
Not heavy loads but my chest and arms were beat after what already had been done
Cable resisted pushups – 3 sets to failure
The doms from this is gonna be a bitch…
Have an awesome week

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