Train log week of 31th Oct

Tuesday /10/14

Squats warmup 8  x bar, 60,100

Felt good on these today, total volume was up from 1880kg to 1900kg

RDL  4×8@140, 150, 155, 155

Bentover barbell row 3×8@70kg

Triple set:

Countdown leg ext, 10-1 @65kg

Goblet squat 1-10 @24

Walking lunge 8 per side


Thurs 30/10/14

Short on time today

Bench press warm up at 20, 60, 100×3

Working sets 4×2@110kg, 1×2@120 felt much stronger this week

DB bench 60 total reps @ 28kg, 20, 15, 10, 8,4, 3

Double drop set cable flyes

6@20kg, 12@10, 25 @6.25 twice through

Light db presses alt between wide and neutral, 2x50totalreps at 8kg


Fri 31/10/14
warmup 20, 60, 100, 140, 180
dropped back to 200 but it wouldnt budge so dropped to 180 for the last set and wanted to finish strong, 10 reps
Chest sup row 3×12 @34kg
Supersetted with chest sup reverse flyes 10kg with extreme fat grips 3×10
Double KB racked squat with 16kg 2×15
Front loaded good morning 2×12 @30kg
100 total reps of cable crunches at 50KG
Have an awesome week

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