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Farmers carry finishers for fat loss

I love farmers carries. They are simple and effective. And they are great for fatloss and conditioning.

Farmers carries are pretty awesome for a number of reasons, you pick up 2 pieces of heavy and walk with them, either for distance or for time, and you put them down. Repeat as needed.

Go as heavy as you can but maintain good posture for as long as you can, you’re gonna fail on these, it’s inevitable, but try to maintain a good shoulders back and down position, tight abs, head up and eyes front position throughout, when this goes, stop.

Done properly these are gonna torch your abs, glutes, shoulders, and build a solid grip, not to mention pump your heart rate up through the roof!

Heres a couple of pointers for you and 2 variations for building your own finishers.

1. Go as heavy as you can with good posture

2. Yes your hands and forearms will feel as though they are on fire, suck it up, you’ll get stronger!

3. If you are going for distance, don’t go all the way to failure on the first attempt, you’ll regret it the rest of the way.


Option 1:

Farmers carry circuit 1

Exercise 1                                            Exercise 2

Goblet squat                                        Med ball slam

Reverse lunge                                      Bentover row (DBs or bar)

Push up                                                 Glute bridge

DB overhead press                              Push up plank

DB RDL                                                 Mountain Climber

Pick one exercise from column 1 and one from column 2, and use dumbbells or kbs that will challenge you for the farmers carry. Then you are gonna do 8-12 reps of ex 1, farmers carry for 20-30m, then 10-15 reps of ex 2. Rest 30-45 secs and repeat. Aim for 4-6 rounds.

Option 2:

Farmers carry circuit 2

Pick 3 successively harder exercises, and perform

20m farmers carry,


20m farmers carry


20m farmers carry


20m farmers carry

Rest 60s, repeat for 2-4 rounds

Combinations i find that work well are:

1. DB overhead press (if you can press overhead well) – Goblet squat – Plank

2. KB swing – DB RDL  – Bentover row ( this one is heavy on the hamstrings)

3. Goblet squat – pushup – reverse cuunch

As you can see, the exercises get progressively easier as you get further into the circuit allowing for fatigue to limit your strength and not limit your ability to complete the circuit. Aim to do 8 to 12 reps on each exercise with your 12 rep max for each.

And if your heart rate isn’t through the roof at the end, you’re doing it wrong 😉

Have fun



Good workouts and great ones

A couple of weeks ago I went in to the gym for my deadlift session and wasn’t feeling the best but went through the warmup, some great tunes playing in my earphones, headed over to lift and worked through my warmup sets. I usually do some RDLs with the bar, pop a couple of 20s on the bar, then full deadlifts for 8-10 reps, some more weight,  a few more reps, gradually working my way up and everything felt a little heavier than normal but I kept going. My plan for the day was 5×2 starting at 200kg and working up as I felt. I was short on time so it was just gonna be deadlifts. First set came up easy, so the load went up for the next one, that was also feeling surprisingly good given the “heavy” feeling of the warmup sets. I felt so good by the third set that I continued adding weight to the bar and a couple of sets later, ended up with a new PR!

The next week, all full of confidence, I went into the same session and all the warmup reps felt easy! Possibly a new PR on the cards? Not so fast sunshine! As soon as I got to the working sets, everything felt crappy. Set 1 was rough but came up kinda sorta ok, a small increase for the next set and I stayed there for the next 3 sets and dropped back for my last double. This time it didn’t even leave the floor!  All at a weight 30+ kgs less than the PR the previous week! WTF??

what the hel


Now, I know this has happened to you. One week you’re scaling the Mount Olympus of new PRs and the next you’re struggling to walk through he gym without tripping over yourself!

Its where the idea of good and great (and sometimes really crappy) training sessions come in. Let’s say you train 4 times a week, take 3 weeks out of the year for holidays, work travel and life generally getting in the way, and that gives you 196 training sessions in a year. I reckon about 10-15% of these are gonna suck. I mean they are gonna be the real grind your way through type training sessions. The ones where you wonder why the hell you are wasting your precious time in the gym.

Then you’re going to get the 80% where you get in and get the job done. Alwyn Cosgrove calls these the “punch the clock” workouts. The ones where most of your work is done, progress is made, albeit gradual, but progress none the less. These are the important ones. Don’t miss these ones.

Then you have the rest, the last 5-10% of your sessions where you come out feeling like a superhero.

Just don’t expect these record setting sessions every time, it,’s awesome when they happen and they show how far you have come, but focus on the big picture and look for longterm progress. Celebrate the great sessions but don’t forget the 80% that allowed those big successes to happen.


Stay focussed


Train log week of 3rd November

Tuesday 4/11/14

Bench press
Warmup 8@20,60,
5 @100kg, 4 at 105, 3 at 110, 2 at 115, 1 at 120
3 at 110, 6at 100, 20 at 60
DB bench 3×12 at 30kg
Seated row 3×8 @70kg
Cable flyes 3×15 at 10kg focus on the squeeze
Cable bent over rev fly 3×15 at 5kg


Wed 5/11/14


warmup 8at 20, 60, 100

4×7 at 120 felt tough, back still tight from previous week

Front loaded good morning (sand bag held up at the rack position) 3×12 at 30kg (heaviest available, might need to make this a higher rep option)

Supersetted with push up plank 3x60s

DB rdl 2×15 @40kg per hand

SS with glute bridges, big squeeze at the top

KB swings, 2x 15 at 24kg



Fri 7/11/14
warmup 20, 60, 100, 140, back felt ok so
4×7 at 180kg
Barbell bentover row 2×12 at 60kg
4×5 at 100kg
2×15, supinated grip 60kg
Lat pull down, wide neutral grip
15 at45kg
2×12 at 60
2×6 at 75kg
straight arm pull down
3×12 at 32.5
Low to high cable row
15 at 30
3×12 at 50
Doms are starting already!
Have an awesome weekend

The best diet for you…

There are 87973 diet books on  all offering great, change your life results. I’m going to tell you which is the absolute, hands down, by far and away the best one for you…

But first, lets have a look at the options, not all of them obviously, but some of the ideas.

Theres the obvious ones such as low fat diets, simply cut out fat from your diet and voila! Weight loss.  Or you could cut out carbs and lose weight that way. You could juice your way skinny, or you could eat paleo and get caveman skinny… the options are pretty much all encompassing, but again we come back to which is best??

Simply…All of them. Kinda.


You see, most of the diet books out there offer 1 common trait, cut calories out of your day and over the course of the next couple of weeks lose some weight. Great. For about 2 weeks then it all goes pear shaped, as do you.

The issue I have with diets as typically thought of is twofold,

1. They generally aren’t maintainable for any more than a few weeks at most, then when your willpower runs out, you go back to eating “normally” and the weight piles back on as you haven’t learned any new nutritional habits.

2. The weight they help you lose through calorie deprivation is not just fat, you also lose a good amount of muscle mass, which sucks from both a strength loss standpoint and a metabolic standpoint. Muscle burns calories, lose muscle and you burn even less cals than now and gaining weight becomes even easier.


Good nutritional habits have a big effect and if done well then the areas of health, performance and body composition all improve and you excel in all areas, typically if you lose out on 1 of the 3, then the other 2 slip as well.

Diet books sell simply because people all want the magic bullet. The one key thing that the fitness community is conspiring to keep hidden and keep people buying into the system. Well I hate to be the one to break it to you all, but there is no secret, no magic bullet, no shortcut to long term success. Consistency, good habits, boring but sensible.

And therein lies the problem, everyone knows what good nutrition is, but it’s either not easy enough or theres no secret plan they can tell there friends about, “Yeah I’m following the weight loss mega flat butt 3000 diet plan, I feel terrible but I can get into those tiny skinny jeans now!”

Which brings us back to the billion dollar question, What is the best diet for you??

The answer is simply this, whatever you can do consistently and that gives you the appropriate  amount of  nutrients for your body.

Whether you find you need higher or lower carbs, higher or lower fat or somewhere in the middle for both, if you have a a little success, stick with it and adjust only as needed.

Stop searching for the magic bullet.


Stay healthy



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