The best diet for you…

There are 87973 diet books on  all offering great, change your life results. I’m going to tell you which is the absolute, hands down, by far and away the best one for you…

But first, lets have a look at the options, not all of them obviously, but some of the ideas.

Theres the obvious ones such as low fat diets, simply cut out fat from your diet and voila! Weight loss.  Or you could cut out carbs and lose weight that way. You could juice your way skinny, or you could eat paleo and get caveman skinny… the options are pretty much all encompassing, but again we come back to which is best??

Simply…All of them. Kinda.


You see, most of the diet books out there offer 1 common trait, cut calories out of your day and over the course of the next couple of weeks lose some weight. Great. For about 2 weeks then it all goes pear shaped, as do you.

The issue I have with diets as typically thought of is twofold,

1. They generally aren’t maintainable for any more than a few weeks at most, then when your willpower runs out, you go back to eating “normally” and the weight piles back on as you haven’t learned any new nutritional habits.

2. The weight they help you lose through calorie deprivation is not just fat, you also lose a good amount of muscle mass, which sucks from both a strength loss standpoint and a metabolic standpoint. Muscle burns calories, lose muscle and you burn even less cals than now and gaining weight becomes even easier.


Good nutritional habits have a big effect and if done well then the areas of health, performance and body composition all improve and you excel in all areas, typically if you lose out on 1 of the 3, then the other 2 slip as well.

Diet books sell simply because people all want the magic bullet. The one key thing that the fitness community is conspiring to keep hidden and keep people buying into the system. Well I hate to be the one to break it to you all, but there is no secret, no magic bullet, no shortcut to long term success. Consistency, good habits, boring but sensible.

And therein lies the problem, everyone knows what good nutrition is, but it’s either not easy enough or theres no secret plan they can tell there friends about, “Yeah I’m following the weight loss mega flat butt 3000 diet plan, I feel terrible but I can get into those tiny skinny jeans now!”

Which brings us back to the billion dollar question, What is the best diet for you??

The answer is simply this, whatever you can do consistently and that gives you the appropriate  amount of  nutrients for your body.

Whether you find you need higher or lower carbs, higher or lower fat or somewhere in the middle for both, if you have a a little success, stick with it and adjust only as needed.

Stop searching for the magic bullet.


Stay healthy



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