Train log week of 3rd November

Tuesday 4/11/14

Bench press
Warmup 8@20,60,
5 @100kg, 4 at 105, 3 at 110, 2 at 115, 1 at 120
3 at 110, 6at 100, 20 at 60
DB bench 3×12 at 30kg
Seated row 3×8 @70kg
Cable flyes 3×15 at 10kg focus on the squeeze
Cable bent over rev fly 3×15 at 5kg


Wed 5/11/14


warmup 8at 20, 60, 100

4×7 at 120 felt tough, back still tight from previous week

Front loaded good morning (sand bag held up at the rack position) 3×12 at 30kg (heaviest available, might need to make this a higher rep option)

Supersetted with push up plank 3x60s

DB rdl 2×15 @40kg per hand

SS with glute bridges, big squeeze at the top

KB swings, 2x 15 at 24kg



Fri 7/11/14
warmup 20, 60, 100, 140, back felt ok so
4×7 at 180kg
Barbell bentover row 2×12 at 60kg
4×5 at 100kg
2×15, supinated grip 60kg
Lat pull down, wide neutral grip
15 at45kg
2×12 at 60
2×6 at 75kg
straight arm pull down
3×12 at 32.5
Low to high cable row
15 at 30
3×12 at 50
Doms are starting already!
Have an awesome weekend

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