Random thoughts…

I thought this week I’d post some thoughts that have been running around my brain for the last little while…

  • While weight training gives you a whole host of benefits, including but not limited to, feeling stronger and more confident, improved physical and mental health and a 612% increase in awesome, it is diet that really drives fat loss and body composition changes.
  • The best diet is whatever allows you to consistently follow it. This is why fad diets work and then fail you. Eat 4 lettuce leaves, and a pint of lukewarm lemon water 3 times a day, then eat a normal meal every other day, and just watch the weight fall off you… maintainable for maybe a week if you really really try, but in the long term, impossible. Old habits rush back and you gain whatever you lost with interest.
  • Good nutrition should improve energy levels, mood, performance and body composition. Base your meals around a lean protein source (chicken, fish, turkey etc) a couple of vegetables, and a starchy carb such as sweet potato, rice or wholemeal pasta. Follow this guide for serving sizes and adjust according to results.
  • Being injured sucks, but it gives you an opportunity to rethink training and work on weaknesses while you recover. Theres (almost) always a work around to still give you a training effect.
  • Progress in many things isn’t a direct route. You’ll make rapid steps forward, stall for an eternity, then suddenly rush forward again. It’s working through the stalling points that will give you the “sudden” leaps forward.
  • From doing client reviews i’ve noticed that when a client can do a 1.5x bodyweight deadlift and a 1.25x bw squat and 3+ pullups, body comp is no longer an issue. Get stronger, it fixes a lot of issues
  • Setting grand outcome goals is great, but setting smaller step by step process goals is what gets you there. Breaking down the big goals into bitesized chunks that require you to take action and gradually add a new chunk every week or 2 will result in 26 -52 new positive steps in the course of a year. You’ll be amazed at what you can get done.
  • From a conditioning standpoint, a short, simple circuit beats long steady state cardio every time. Try this and tell me about your heart rate afterwards:Pushup 10, squat x1, pushup x9, squat x2, pushup x8, squat x3…….pushup x1, squat x10.

Have a great week.

Stay strong


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