Coaching cues for improving your awesome!

When it comes to getting technique right, remembering some good cues or ……… to get you into the right position and perform the movements well are hugely useful. Here are 5 of the ones I use most:


  • Shoulders down. Simple, but it’s amazing how many times I say it through the day. Most types of rowing movement result in a slight, or not so slight, shrugging movement as the pulling movement is performed. Since most people in the environment I work in tend to be very upper trap dominant, the default setting is shoulders to the ears as the body tries to get into as strong a position as it can and cheat the way to a completed rep.

Usually a simple reminder will get the shoulder back into a better position, occasionally a gentle tap on the shoulders is                 needed…

A simple trick on seated rowing options is to lean your torso forward about 10 degrees from vertical and the shrug can now          no longer help out.

  • Hips through. Top of the squat, regardless of the variation, the top of the deadlift, swing or romanian deadlift, the swap over between legs on a lunge variation all require you to find the “top” position before going into the next rep. Particularly with newer clients, they stop short of the top.  It’s almost as if it’s a time saving its a time saving device since they’re gonna be heading down into the next rep anyways, why go all the way up just to come down again?

Your hips are designed to extend fully, so fully extend them, imagine that you are standing up tall, no weight in your              hands, now squeeze your glutes, and abs, and feel your hips tilt slightly backwards as they roll under your ribs. That is your           “top” position. Find it at the top of each rep, squeeze your glutes and don’t stop short.

  •  Eyes up, chest up. This is particularly useful during farmer carry variations. People tend to look down at the floor a few feet ahead of them, inevitably the chest follows the eyes lead dropping in and resulting in the shoulders rounding and good posture is lost. Keep your eyes up,  and you’ll maintain good posture for longer.

Hope these help you find better position in some of your key exercises and get the best out of them!

Stay strong


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