Simplify, simplify



Sometimes when you are pushed for time, training takes a back seat, but it doesn’t need to.

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, perhaps it’s the introvert in me that doesn’t like a lot of things going on, maybe I don’t have the patience or attention span to deal with lots of stuff, particularly when it comes to training!

My training plans are pretty straightforward. A big compound lift variation, then some accessory work to strengthen weak areas highlighted by the main lift, then some conditioning. Nothing too fancy, but effective nonetheless. Working through one of these sessions should take around 45 – 60mins, including the warmup and assuming your rest times aren’t forever!

However sometimes all you have is 30 mins or so, so what can you do?

Here are 4 options for the time limited amongst you!

1. 30 mins of 1 exercise. No smart ass, not bicep curls! Pick either a front or back squat, deadlift variation, bench press or pull up. And do as many good reps at 60-70% of your max as you can in 30 mins. Sets of 8-10 are advised. Rest as needed…

2. Pick one of the big lifts, perform 4 sets of 7 reps (enough to work you, short enough rest times) at around 80% of your max and then do 3 sets of an accessory lift to compliment your main lift.

3. Timed circuit. After your warmup, put 25 mins on the clock and do as many rounds as you can of a circuit. Pick 1 exercise from

Push such as bench press/DB bench, Landmine press, push up etc

Pull such as pull up, seated row, trx row, reverse fly, band pull apart

Squat such as back or front squat, goblet squat, bodyweight squat

Hinge – Deadlift variation, romanian deadlift, bridge variation, KB swing

Lunge – forward or reverse lunge, walking lunge, step up

Core, Cable crunch, band crunch, leg lowers

Do 8-10 reps of each, resting as needed at the end of each circuit, completing as many rounds as you can in 30 mins. These can be done with bodyweight exercises as well as loaded so can be done at home if need be.

4. Complex. Put you time on the clock, load a bar with what you can press overhead, and perform the following complex:

RDL x6

Bentover row x6

Overhead press x6

Back squat x6

Good morning x6

Rest and repeat.

If you are pressed for time, then you only need to simplify your workout to get a good amount of quality work in a short amount of time,



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