Excellence is a habit



Almost regardless of your training goal, your consistency, or lack of, will determine your success. Here are 5 ways to help you get more consistency and become more excellent!

1. Priorities, priorities, priorities. If you want to change your body for the better, then it has to become a priority. There can’t be excuse after excuse as to why you don’t do what you know needs to be done.

Obviously, most people have to work, have family commitments, want to maintain a social life etc but at some point you have to decide that amongst the big priorities,  training and making time for good nutrition habits have a place. Everyone has the same time constraints, we all get the same 24 hours to use as we choose, and it’s not a case of finding the time, you must make the time, otherwise it just won’t happen.

Everyone can find 30-60 minutes, 3 -4  times a week to train, it might be at home, in the gym or outside. Schedule it, then do it.

2. Take some time at the start of the week to plan and buy for the bulk of your meals. It doesn’t take long, and it creates a habit of thinking about what you eat. Creating a meal plan for the week that takes into account your work/ family and social schedule helps you avoid potential pitfalls of getting hungry and reaching for the first, usually crappy, choice that comes your way.

3. Track what needs changed. Think about what you want to change about your diet or body composition, then measure it and see what changes occur over a 1-2 week time frame, assess then adjust as needed. Sometimes the simple act of keeping an honest food and sleep log will help you make better choices and improvements are an automatic result. Sometimes, you need to look a little closer and look for more specific areas that need to be addressed.

4. Remember you are an individual. What works for me, or your best friend or that celebrity in the magazines may not work as well for you. You need to honestly look at what is working and what isn’t. Your diet is great? If you aren’t energised and your body shape isn’t what you want it to be, then I’m afraid your diet isn’t right. Training hard but not getting stronger/ faster/ bigger? Then your training needs adjusted. Finding the right plan may take some experimentation and will undoubtedly end in failure occasionally, but by making adjustments to 1 thing at a time, you can tweak as needed to get the result you desire.

Remember, making time and building good habits that fit in and compliment your lifestyle is the only way to achieve and maintain the fitness and strength levels, and body, you want.


Stay strong



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