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Train log week of 3rd November

Tuesday 4/11/14

Bench press
Warmup 8@20,60,
5 @100kg, 4 at 105, 3 at 110, 2 at 115, 1 at 120
3 at 110, 6at 100, 20 at 60
DB bench 3×12 at 30kg
Seated row 3×8 @70kg
Cable flyes 3×15 at 10kg focus on the squeeze
Cable bent over rev fly 3×15 at 5kg


Wed 5/11/14


warmup 8at 20, 60, 100

4×7 at 120 felt tough, back still tight from previous week

Front loaded good morning (sand bag held up at the rack position) 3×12 at 30kg (heaviest available, might need to make this a higher rep option)

Supersetted with push up plank 3x60s

DB rdl 2×15 @40kg per hand

SS with glute bridges, big squeeze at the top

KB swings, 2x 15 at 24kg



Fri 7/11/14
warmup 20, 60, 100, 140, back felt ok so
4×7 at 180kg
Barbell bentover row 2×12 at 60kg
4×5 at 100kg
2×15, supinated grip 60kg
Lat pull down, wide neutral grip
15 at45kg
2×12 at 60
2×6 at 75kg
straight arm pull down
3×12 at 32.5
Low to high cable row
15 at 30
3×12 at 50
Doms are starting already!
Have an awesome weekend

Train log week of 31th Oct

Tuesday /10/14

Squats warmup 8  x bar, 60,100

Felt good on these today, total volume was up from 1880kg to 1900kg

RDL  4×8@140, 150, 155, 155

Bentover barbell row 3×8@70kg

Triple set:

Countdown leg ext, 10-1 @65kg

Goblet squat 1-10 @24

Walking lunge 8 per side


Thurs 30/10/14

Short on time today

Bench press warm up at 20, 60, 100×3

Working sets 4×2@110kg, 1×2@120 felt much stronger this week

DB bench 60 total reps @ 28kg, 20, 15, 10, 8,4, 3

Double drop set cable flyes

6@20kg, 12@10, 25 @6.25 twice through

Light db presses alt between wide and neutral, 2x50totalreps at 8kg


Fri 31/10/14
warmup 20, 60, 100, 140, 180
dropped back to 200 but it wouldnt budge so dropped to 180 for the last set and wanted to finish strong, 10 reps
Chest sup row 3×12 @34kg
Supersetted with chest sup reverse flyes 10kg with extreme fat grips 3×10
Double KB racked squat with 16kg 2×15
Front loaded good morning 2×12 @30kg
100 total reps of cable crunches at 50KG
Have an awesome week

Train log week of 20th Oct


Monday 20/10/14

Squats warmup 8  x bar, 60,100

Switch to 5×2 on squats felt good, strong last set!

Wide grip deadlift ( held on to the plates)  3×8@110

This forced me to get flatter but holding the plates meant i could stay neutral through my back

 Double KB racked squats 60 total reps with 2x16kg. Went light with these as its been a while. glad i did… 20 reps, 15, 15,10
100 total reps of reverse crunch, keeping it tight.

Thurs 23/10/14

Short on time today

Deadlift warmup 10x bar, 8x 60, 100, 5×140, 180

2@200, 205, 210, 215, 220,

Felt strong and since I was short on time I kept going…

2@227.5, 2 @230kg.

First time over 500lbs!!!

Increase of 5kg in about 6 weeks

Sat 25/10/14
Bench press – warmup 10x bar, 8×60
2 reps at 100, 105, 105, 110, 115
Then 1 decent rep at 120 and a second spotted rep. needed help on this one!
DB bench 4×10, 3s ecc @30kg
Pec flye 4×12, 3s ecc and con at 30kg
Incline DB bench 4×10 at 24kg
Kneeling hi-lo cable flyes 4×12 at 7.5kg
Not heavy loads but my chest and arms were beat after what already had been done
Cable resisted pushups – 3 sets to failure
The doms from this is gonna be a bitch…
Have an awesome week

Train log week of 6th Oct

Thought I’d start logging my training and thoughts on it on here too 🙂

Monday 6/10/14

Squats warmup 5  x bar, 60,100
2×5@100 3 sec pause

Squats were feeling great this week, after last weeks struggles (finished on 2 sets of 4 at 145kg, it felt terrible) these were feeling strong.

RDL 3×8@140

Bodyweight circuit – 3 rounds
Single leg Squat to 40cm box x5/side
Standing long jump x15
Walking lunge x20/side

This was my colleague Shaynes idea…

Leg ext 65kg x10,9,8,7…3,2,1
Goblet Squat 22kg x1,2,3…7,8,9,10

Wed 8/10/14
Bench press warmup x8 @bar, 60

Felt ok through the first 3 sets, last 2 not so much…
Dips  3×15
Db press 3×20@20kg
Playing around with some higher rep stuff

Seated row 3×6@70kg
Double drop set 6@70,12@50,25@30kg

chest sup DB row 3×12-15 @30kg
Chest sup Rev fly 3×10@12

Core circuit  x2
Rev crunch x15
Leg lowers x10 slow
Dragon flag x5

Sat 11/10/14
warmup bar x12, 60×8, 100×6, 140×6, 180×5
2×5@200, 5@205, 5@210, 5@200
Felt good throughout these, slight increase on 5 sets of 5 at 200kg last week.
Bentover row 3×10 @60
First time on this in a while, felt solid throughout, weight can increase next time
Front squat 4×8@60 with pause at full depth
Feeling out my ROM on these, felt strong throughout
Seated row 3×7@70 – looking to build to 4×8 before increasing the load.
1 arm cable reverse fly, 3×15 @3.75
Capt chair leg raises 10, 9, 8, 7…3,2,1 starting the set at the top of the first minute, then resting till 30secs, then set 2 starts and rest till the top of the next minute.
This was good, challenging but effective!