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The 3 Ms of success

Success, particularly long term success, in your fitness is often difficult to achieve. Fat loss, muscle gain, better movement and any other facet of fitness takes time, effort and consistency. Sure, we all know someone who, or have experience ourselves, of short term quick success only to stall, or worse, regress in our achievements.

Even without the quick success, finding the route to our goals is often a challenge, that when success isn’t forthcoming, we view it as failure.

It isn’t. It’s just that you haven’t found the way that works for you. Yet…


i havent failed


I believe that there are 3 ingredients to success in your fitness journey,

Motivation: What is your why? Why do you get into the gym and train your ass off 3 or 4 times per week? If you are a runner, why do you go running? No, seriously, Why…?! šŸ˜‰

What do you get out of your training? And I don’t mean you get slimmer, or better abz or stronger or any other health benefits you get, but what does that mean for you? Confidence? Accomplishment?

Find your why and you are already set up for success!

Method: How are you going to set about making your why happen? I’m a massive fan of strength training, and if you stick around on this blog a while, that will become more and more obvious! But if going in to the gym, maybe for the first time fills you with terror and confidence is an issue, then that isn’t going to be a good starting point for you, simply because you won’t enjoy going and your consistency will fail. Find what works for you.

Find a good coach or personal trainer and get started with bodyweight. Learn good techniques and gym etiquette , progress the weights steadily,Ā strength will develop, as will confidence, progress is inevitable. If you currently do nothing anything is a step forward with consistent effort!

Means: If you decide on a program that calls on you to travel way out of your way to the most state of the art gym in the area, perform advanced lifts 4 times a week, combined with sprints twice a day 2 days a week, eat 7 meals a day to “boost your metabolism” and worship He who should not be Named on your day off, but you can only spare 4x 45min sessions a week and you’re on a limited budget. Work schedules mean that you can’t eat 7 small meals a day, (who you worship isĀ entirely up to you …) then success probably is gonna be hard to get. Keep it simple, work with what you have, and progress as and when you can and stay consistent.

Success will follow. Guaranteed.

Stay strong


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